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7/3/13 9:17 PM 


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News From Our Local Churches - May 

b a 13 

Church Staff Takes Peek at Renovation 

April 27, 201 1 , Rev. Dwight Andrews, pastor of First Congregational Church UCC, 

Atlanta, Bette Graves Thomas, Church Administrator and Secretary of the 

conference Board of Directors, and 

Technical Director, Dan Fishman, were 

given a brief, escorted tour of the church 

renovation work. They walked through the 

ground floor and saw the new Fellowship 

Hall space with its level floor and high 

ceiling. Upstairs, they walked into the 

Sanctuary space and saw the raised, 

concrete platform that will become the new 

pulpit, chancel, and choir area. The window 

openings on the back wall will be filled-in, 

and a new back wall to the chancel area 

will be built. 

As she observed the old church building 

exposed and the design of the renovated 

church emerging, Bette exclaimed, " 

just takes my breath away!" Bette is a 

lifelong member of First Church and grew- 

up in the historic church at the corner of Houston (now John Wesley Dobbs 

Avenue) and Courtland Streets. The Building Renovation Committee is planning 

short, guided tours of the church renovation in May for interested church 


Reception as Member Church into the United Church of Christ 

Peace Congregational UCC, in Clemson SC celebrated their reception as a 
member church into the United Church of Christ on Sunday, May 8, 201 1 at a 5:00 
p.m. worship service. Almost 60 individuals signed as charter members. Led by 

Pastor Susie Smith, Peace UCC has 
ground breaking ministries in 
upcountry South Carolina reaching 
out to GLBT youth and modeling a 
"love of our mother earth." Tim 
Downs, Conference Minister, and 
Rev. Allen Mullinax, Chair of Church 
and Ministry for the Georgia-South 
Carolina Association, led the 
congregation in the Covenant litany 
and prayers. Dianne King, Moderator 
of Peace Church, led the congregation in the Affirmation of Covenant. Rev. 
Susie Smith welcomed Rev. Susannah M. 
Davis, pastor of Kirkwood UCC, Atlanta, who 


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Church of Christ 

A 'Just Peace' future: Part 2 
Following the recently 
concluded World Council of 
Churches' International 
Ecumenical Peace Convocation 
held in Kingston, Jamaica, 
United Church News asked 
Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite to 
reflect on the history, progress 
and potential future of the Just 
Peace movement. 

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Leader Link Local Church News Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

7/3/13 9:17 PM 

delivered tne sermon. I he ueorgia south 
Carolina Association is extremely proud to 
welcome this new church into a covenanted 
partnership with bonds of grace and love. A 
pot luck dinner followed the service. 

First Congregational Talladega Recognized 
as Historical Landmark 

On Sunday, May 15th, 2011, First 

Congregational United Church of Christ of 

Talladega, AL celebrated its 143rd Anniversary 

and Dedicatory Services as a State of Alabama 

Historic Landmark. Several dignitaries, guests, 

and friends and family of the congregation 

were in attendance, including Dr. Billy 

Hawkins, President of Talladega College, as 

well as representatives of local government, the Alabama Historic Commission, 

and the Amistad Research Center of Tulane University. Kathy Clark, Associate 

Conference Minister, represented the Southeast Conference and offered remarks 

at the unveiling of the historic landmark. Rev. Arthur Price, Jr., pastor of Sixteenth 

Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL, supported by the church's Praise Team, 

was the keynote preacher. Ms. Sadie Currie led the committee that secured the 

historic landmark status. The Historic Landmark Marker reads: 

The Community House - In 

1867, the American Missionary 
Association helped establish 
Talladega College. Reverend 
Henry E. Brown served as the 
first principal of the school. On 
May 17, 1868, Rev. Brown 
established the First 
Congregational Church with 17 
members. Between 1868 and 
1927, they worshipped in 
DeForest Chapel at Talladega 
College. The Trustees of the 

First Congregational Church of Talladega incorporated the church in 1908. 

In 1928, community volunteers constructed the church's first building in ten 

weeks. Known as the Community House, they dedicated it as the First 

Congregational Church of Talladega on February 27, 1927. This site is listed 

in the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage. 

Congratulations to our sisters and brothers of the First Congregational 

UCC in Talladega! 

A Reverse Mission Trip 

Rebecca Shillingburg, member of Church of the Savior, Roswell, GA reports that 
the church is co-sponsoring a Burmese refugee family. COS will share their 
experiences with us in the coming months. This is their first co-sponsorship (or as 
Tom likes to say, a "reverse mission trip"). Monday Rebecca showed Hser Gay 
(the mom) how to vacuum while Ku Kuh (the dad) was going to RRISA. What an 
experience! Link here to read more of the story. 

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Leader Link Local Church News Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

7/3/13 9:17 PM 

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